Turning over a new leaf

Sometimes you just need a new sheet of paper. It motivates you to start afresh and gives you motivation… So I decided to start a new blog to do what I want properly.

So I wanted to use this post just to link to reviews of fountain pen-related stuff I did in the past, so that they’re not lost and forgotten forever (by me)…:

I received two ink samples, both of Robert Oster. That was my first time trying their ink, but I have heard a lot about them every since. Between Direct Sun and Grun Schwarz, I preferred the red ink, although the dark green was pretty sheeny.

Since Shimmertastics were all the hype back then, with new colours coming out, I got to try Cocoa Shimmer (original name, eh) and Enchanted Ocean. I really liked both of them! The blue looks great on broad nibs, since the ink sheens red, while the brown looks best in a finer pen.

Kaweco sends their inks in for judgement! Some of them are meh, but some are awesome, like Palm Green, Summer Purple and Sunrise Orange! I love them! Oh, and also Ruby Red and Royal Blue

Testing Traveller’s Notebook inserts. Taroko has a really nice one made of Tomoe River paper. I also looked at the MD Paper insert. Of course, Tomoe River is better for me, since I love sheen on cream coloured paper.

I tested Artoz laid papers. They are so nice for card writing, especially if you are good at calligraphy (which I am not great at). So many colours… Great for love letter writing… pfft.

I tested William Hannah’s inserts. The paper is pretty nice! Reminds me of Fabriano Paper, and the printing comes in multiple colours. I don’t think they use this paper for the new inserts anymore.

I hope for a more review-fruitful year to come!


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